Rachel K. Cisto


Weare, New Hampshire

Rachel K. Cisto

Journalist. Photographer. Novelist. Lover of puzzles and cats.

I graduated from the University of Hartford in May 2015, with my bachelor's in journalism and a minor in politics. I grew up in the Boston area and am ready for a new adventure.



Always There When Called

HARRISONBURG — Kelly Royston says the way her day goes depends on three things: the weather, the locals and the students. Royston is one of the 51 highly trained employees of the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Emergency Communications Center, where she's worked for the last 13 years.
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Tracing Country Bill's Steps

HARRISONBURG - On May 7, 1971, a man was found unconscious in his car in Elkton. He was taken to Rockingham Memorial Hospital, where he died about 90 minutes later as a result of a heart attack. No one knew his real name or where he was from, and no one could find his family - until now.
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My Feminist Demand? Just Equality

(Op-Ed from The Hartford Courant) I am a feminist. I've never said that out loud. It's not because feminism is a new, radical idea. I've never labeled myself as a feminist because these days, just the word feminist elicits whispers and strange looks from women, or jokes and cries of "man hater!" All of which I find quite strange, because the dictionary definition of feminism is "the belief that men and women should have equal opportunities."
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Reporter Profile: Beau Berman, FOX Connecticut

Written in March of 2013 for a course entitled "Fundamentals of Journalism".
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Foes Differ on Impact Of California Teacher Tenure Law Standing

The co­plaintiff of a lawsuit challenging New York’s Teacher tenure and layoff procedures said Aug. 25 that she isn’t troubled by the California Supreme Court’s upholding that state’s protections by refusing to hear an appeal of a lower appellate court’s ruling.
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Naturalized Citizen To Vote, Serve In First Election

Today is a big day for city resident Ana Aceituno. Aceituno is voting in today's presidential primary — for the first time since becoming a U.S. citizen two years ago.
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City Eyes Big Water Project

HARRISONBURG — When Thomas Harrison founded Harrisonburg in the late 1700s, residents had no problem getting fresh water from the springhouse at Court Square, fed by a tributary of the Shenandoah River. Fast-forward 300 years, and city staff are working to tap the Shenandoah again and ensure a ready supply of fresh water is as easily available as it was in Harrison's days.
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Honoring The "Forgotten"

HARRISONBURG — The attitude toward veterans when Joe Brown returned home from the Vietnam War contrasts sharply with today. Now 75, the Port Republic resident remembers being booed as he walked through the airport in Philadelphia upon return from overseas.
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'This Is Their Only Option'

HARRISONBURG — Steven Utterback has been waiting for help for 14 years. The 32-year-old Rockingham County resident is one of 133 people with an intellectual or developmental disability in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County who were waiting for Medicaid assistance waivers at the end of 2015.
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GOP Inaction Motivates Challenger

HARRISONBURG — Harry Griego has some harsh words for the Republican leadership in Washington, D.C. "These guys are a do-nothing Congress," the 55-year-old Roanoke County Republican said. Griego doesn't lay all the blame on the other side of the aisle, which is why he is challenging 12-term U.S. Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Roanoke, for the 6th Congressional District GOP nomination. A primary election will be held June 14.
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New Arcade Not For Kids

HARRISONBURG — It may be called Ruby's Arcade, but when it opens near the end of February, patrons won't see — or hear — any electronic games. Owner Clay Clark said the space was designed to be more of an "adult's game room" than what many think of as an "arcade." "We're going for a different market," he said. "Who wants to listen to a dinging pinball machine when you've got a pool table right next to you?"
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GOP Oath Causing Controversy

HARRISONBURG — The idea of signing a pledge declaring party affiliation is so off-putting to one county election worker, she won't be taking part in this year's presidential primary — or even casting a ballot. Miriam Clark has served as the chief election official at the Broadway voting precinct for years. But, Clark said, she will not be there on March 1 if the Republican Party of Virginia goes through with its plan requiring voters to sign a statement of affiliation before casting a ballot.
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Rachel K. Cisto

I grew up in Weare, New Hampshire and received my bachelor's degree from the University of Hartford in May of 2015. When I arrived at the University of Hartford in August 2011, I was a declared Physics major who decided to join the Student Television Network simply because it seemed interesting, which led to changing my major in January 2012.

I served as the political reporter for STN2 for four years, and the editor-in-chief of Her Campus Hartford, an online lifestyle magazine for college women, for two.

I most recently worked at the Chief-Civil Service Leader in New York, primarily covering city schools and the Mayor's Office. I spent a year in Harrisonburg, Va. at the Daily News-Record, where I was the city beat/politics and government reporter.

When I'm not doing news-related things, I have a wide range of interests including (but by no means limited to) cooking, robotics, building and launching model rockets, photography, fiction and poetry writing, singing, and playing the piano.



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